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PUSONICS is a Spanish spin-off company created in 2008 for transferring to industry and R&D centers the new power ultrasonic technologies developed at the Spanish Higher Council for Scientific Research (CSIC) by the Power Ultrasonics Group (GUP), directed by Prof. Gallego-Juárez, in collaboration with the Electronics Group of the Signal and Information Department lead by Prof. Montoya-Vitini. PUSONICS has launched on the market a new family of power ultrasonic generators with extensive plate radiators capable of efficiently transmitting highly focused or coherent acoustic waves in fluids (gases and liquids) and multiphase media. The initial product commercialized by Pusonics consists in the first ultrasonic defoaming system (UDS) capable of destroying industrial foams generated in various applications including, among the others, fermenting vessels and canning lines, as well as in chemical and pharmaceutical manufacturing applications. The UDS is an innovative and sustainable device which allows to significantly reduce foaming problems without contaminating the treated product. The mechanism of ultrasonic defoaming relies on a combination of physical effects including acoustic and radiation pressure, resonance of bubbles, atomization, and acoustic streaming. High Power Ultrasound is an emergent and green technology with a great potential for a wide range of industrial processes. PUSONICS offers through its R&D, on one side, the development and production of competitive high-tech products adapted to the market requirements and on the other the development of new applications in the field of HPU, such as food dehydration, particle smoke precipitation, water treatments, textile washing, and others.


Current R&D activities consist in the development of high power ultrasonic systems for:

Additionally, PUSONICS offers Consulting Services in High Power Ultrasonic technology developing custom-based ultrasonic system solutions according to client requirements from conceptual design to full scale production. PUSONICS clients are industries and research laboratories interested in applying or investigating the multiple beneficial effects of ultrasonic energy at lab, pilot plant, and full scale levels.