Custom-based solutions for power ultrasonic generation

We can develop custom-based tuned systems from conceptual design to full scale, according to specific client requirements. Our expertise encompasses the design of high power transducers with enhanced dynamic characteristics, sonotrodes, and tuned assemblies created for a whole range of applications.

We can also design and manufacture of ultrasonic systems and components for the OEM market.


  • Great knowledge of the power ultrasonic technology (Academic background, etc)
  • Great knowledge of different sector of industry (acquired through the numerous customized projects and contacts with customer)
  • Flexibility in the Project Proposal (Our work methodology allow independent acceptation of phases)
  • Personalized follow-up and responsible involvement
  • Possibility of short phases for feasibility study
  • Custom-based ultrasonic system solutions (often not given by other supplier of ultrasonic systems

power ultrasonics


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