"I would like to strongly recommend PUSONICS company..."


Extraordinary expertise in the field of ultrasounds  Dr. Ing. Ryszard Parosa, Promis-Tech, Poland

As a president of Promis-Tech enterprise I would like to strongly recommend PUSONICS company. It was a real pleasure to cooperate with specialist from PUSONICS both during the designing and assembling ultrasound-microwave dryer in BIOSUSZ programme. Their extraordinary expertise in the field of ultrasounds contributed to build two cutting-edge dryers which enable scientists to conduct state-of-the-art researches. Collaboration with PUSONICS was efficient as they supported us with their broad knowledge but also their representative as at our service and helped us to reseolve technical issues. It is worth mentioning that PUSONICS staff comprises of reliable and dependable professionals able to react both promptly and effectively. Their commitment and dedication was admirable and contributed to the BIOSUSZ programme success. Taking into account everything above I can fully recommend cooperation with PUSONICS company. We are looking forward to work with them again."

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