The Pusonics airbone ultrasonic system (AUS): a powerful versatile device

PUSONICS launched to the market a new family of high power ultrasonic generators, initially developed by a Research Group of the Higher Council of Scientific Research (CSIC) and optimized by PUSONICS.

The Airborne Ultrasonic System (AUS) is a new type of power ultrasonic generator for applications in fluids and multi-phase media. It provides focused or high-directional radiations in such a way that levels of acoustic intensity higher than 10W/cm2 may be reached.

The AUS is based on a piezoelectric transducer driving an extensive radiator. The radiator is a flexural vibrating plate incorporating a stepped, grooved or stepped-grooved profile. A power electronic generator with a controller for dynamic tuning at resonance activates and controls the electroacoustic transducer.

This is a unique patented technology for generating high-intensity ultrasonic waves through fluids. Its efficiency has been demonstrated in numerous industrial applications.


Hybrid drier incorporating Pusonics AUS 

Hybrid drier incorporating Pusonics AUS (Promis-Tech, Poland)



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