Washing of Textiles Assisted by Power Ultrasound

Washing of Textiles assisted by Power Ultrasound

Constant Textile Cleaning and Pre-Drying

 Washing of Textiles assisted by Power Ultrasound

The procedure is based on the use of ultrasonic energy for washing flexible solids such as textiles. It is specially adequate for continuous washing of materials with an extended surface, (i.e., wiht shape of band, strip, sheet) and/for single pieces which can be placed on conveyor belts or similar transporting elements. The ultrasonic energy is applied to the textiles to be cleaned through flexional vibrating plates in direct contact or very close to the material to be washed, which have to be submerged in a thin layer of liquid. This washing process can be completed with an immediat rinse and once out of the liquid, the ultrasonic energy can be applied again by contact to eliminate an important part of the liquid in the washed material, producing a pre-drying effect.


Main advantages with respect to a conventional washing system:

  • Deeper and quicker cleaning effect


  • Low energy consumption


  • Reduced water expense


  • Reduced detergent and other accessories expense


  • It does not damage the fabric



US Patent "Process and device for continuous ultrasonic washing of textiles" nº 6266836B1

Main publications

· "Ultrasonic system for continuous washing of textiles in liquid layers", J. A. Gallego-Juárez, E. Riera, V. M. Acosta, G. Rodríguez, A. Pinto, A. Blanco; Ultrasonic Sonochemistry, 17, 2010, pp.234-238.

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